About Modern Philosophy Source

Modern Philosophy Source (one of the new ILIESI’s Daphnet sites) is a platform that belong to a federation of web sites, called Philosource, which aims at offering an advanced digital working environment to philosophers.

Modern Philosophy Source contains a large number of primary sources for the history of thought in their reference editions, as well as critical contributions for studying the philosophical and scientific developments of the early modern age. This site includes texts by several major authors of the period from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment, such as Bruno, Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz, Vico, Baumgarten, and Kant. Presently, within the site there are texts in four languages, i.e. Latin, Italian, French, and German. A panel of specialists guarantees the scholarly quality of proposed texts and editions, that are expected to meet the international standards of scholarly excellence. The site content are open access and their Internet addresses are stable, so that they can freely be used or quoted for both research and teaching purposes.

Modern Philosophy Source makes it possible to have access to the texts; to extensively use information they contain, to investigate them in depth. In the near future, users will be enabled to apply inference rules on the data and it will be possible to enrich the texts with semantic information. By setting up the Daphnet platforms, ILIESI, which has a long experience in digitising texts and in producing lexicographical tools, is now wishing to encourage scholars to constitute international web communities focussed on specific authors or texts, and to use the web for research, editing, and publishing purposes.