Orazioni inaugurali, in Giambattista Vico, Le Orazioni inaugurali, il De Italorum Sapientia e le polemiche, a cura di Giovanni Gentile e Fausto Nicolini, Bari, Gius. Laterza & Figli, Tipografi-Editori-Librai, 1914, pp. 1-67.

The six academic inaugural lectures, delivered between 1699 and 1707, were revised by Vico in 1708 and recomposed, together with a shorter version of De studiorum ratione, in a single work with the title De studiorum finibus naturae humanae convenientibus, which however was never published. Controversial testimony of the philosophical positions prior to 1710, the lectures present, within the range of a conscious, modern syncretism, the adherence to motifs pertaining to Renaissance Platonism as well as ample and mature echos of a sound humanistic and Ciceronian preparation.

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Editor's Note

The adopted edition gives the original text and a parallel Italian translation. Therefore only the numbers of the pages with an even number appear, which comprise the original text.

Vico, Orazioni inaugurali