De constantia iurisprudentis liber alter ad amplissimum virum Franciscum Venturam a Regis Consiliis et Criminum Quaestorem Alterum, excudebat Neapoli Felix Musca, ex Publica Autoritate, 1721.

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Editor's Note

The transcription observes the following standards:
neither the spaces before the punctuation marks nor the marginals of the single paragraphs have been considered. The footnotes and their reference marks in the text have not been taken into account. The first two characters at the beginning of a chapter or a paragraph, which in the text always appear as capitals, have been represented as capitals and lower-case letters (for instance FOrtuna > Fortuna). In two cases – diverging from the general rule to represent the text in its original form – there have been necessary some integrations already adopted by Fausto Nicolini in his edition of the text (Giambattista Vico, Il diritto universale, a cura di Fausto Nicolini, parte seconda: De constantia iurisprudentis, Bari, Gius. Laterza & Figli, 1936). The passages in question are the following: “in certaminibus [quae] cum plebe” (p. 184); “[diversitatem]” (p. 206).

Vico, De constantia