De antiquissima Italorum sapientia ex linguae Latinae originibus eruenda libri tres..., Neapoli, ex typographia F. Mosca, 1710.

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Editor's Note

The transcription observes the following standards:
the marginals of the single paragraphs have not been considered. The following abbreviations have been given in their full form: & > et; ~q; > ~que; ˜ above the vocals indicating an “m”; § > Par. Accents have been excluded. The first two characters at the beginning of a chapter or a paragraph, which in the text always appear as capitals, have been represented as capitals and lower-case letters (for instance FOrtuna > Fortuna). Implicit parts of speech have been inserted between square brackets (for example “ejus [metaphysicae]”).

Vico, De antiquissimi italorum sapientia