La cena de le Ceneri. Descritta in cinque dialogi per quattro interlocutori con tre considerazioni circa doi soggetti. All'unico refugio delle muse l'illustrissimo Michel di Castelnovo, in Giordano BrunoDialoghi italiani, I, Dialoghi metafisici, nuovamente ristampati con note da Giovanni Gentile, terza edizione a cura di Giovanni Aquilecchia, Sansoni, Firenze, 1958, pp. 3-171.

La cena de le Ceneri, the first of Bruno’s Italian philosophical dialogues, has been published for the first time at London in 1584. The work,  dedicated to Michel de Castelnau, the French ambassador at London, is divided into five dialogues and preceded by an introductory letter. La cena de le Ceneri presents a critical exposition of the Copernican heliocentric theory which, in the perspective of a radically infinitist cosmology, goes well beyond the heliocentric doctrine. Bruno holds a view which supports both the physical reality of the Copernican system and – denying the existence of a sphere of fixed stars – the infinity of a homogeneous universe (both on a spatial and material level) without center; a universe which comprises an infinite number of worlds and innumerous solar systems. In this way, the work connects conceptions pertaining to the natural philosophy of the Presocratics with the acquisitions of contemporary science.

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Bruno, La cena delle ceneri

The Cena de le Ceneri, the first cosmological dialogue by Bruno, is devoted to a critical exposition of the Copernican heliocentric theory. Bruno argues for a physical reality of the infinite universe with no centre.